“From the Darkness into the light

This visionary artist, called “the PROPHET of the NEW Gothic”, went through variousphases of research. Her last period was by him called “New Gothic”, a fascinating and complex world where, in a precious form of contemporary Miniature of large or small, past, present and future merge in a unique, one of a kind. With the same characteristics also performs artistic projects, works and portraits on Commission. The artist holds workshops of drawing, painting, miniature, art symbolism Conference evenoutside the region. In Sarzana from 20 years has opened a free school of drawing, painting and Miniature Laboratory at the cultural center “crusade. The Codex Colombanus” is a Large illuminated Codex according to the ancient tradition of medieval painting, reinvented and reinterpreted by Piero Colombani with valuable miniatures and paragraphs miniati, philosophical texts on art entirely painted and handwrittenwith various examples of precious calligraphy in ink. A masterpiece by him started in1997, still in flux in a work in progress created by a contemporary artist who uses the ancient techniques of painting to tell and compare to the modern world and the ancient world: the bridge between past, present, future. This code, in 2013, has been exposed with great success, for six months, in Florence, at the old Biblioteca Riccardiana at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, as part of the exhibition “Miniature organized by the international magazine ALUMINA Illuminated Pages and the Biblioteca Riccardiana. The magazine has devoted an extensive articleinterview with Piero Colombani, calling him the “prophet of the new Gothic” for his original and innovative contemporary language and for his mastery of technique according to the teachings of the ancient masters.
Link to SERVICE on PIERO COLOMBANI Magazine ALUMINA # 41 April 2013 






New Gothic

Vision from Sofo

Vision from Shakespeare



La porta della luna – 1996 Acrilico su tela, cm 200 x 180

Magic Realism



L’Era dei Giganti, 1997 acrilico su cartone, cm 12 x 8 cm collezione privata

Phases of the Moon

Religious Works

Omega Darkness Period




Il Caprone (nelle spire di Chtulu), 1987 (particolare e intero) olio su tela, cm 250x200 collezione privata

Visionary Period

Dream Period



Black Purple Period

















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